Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Last Friday

This beautiful spring weather is quite inspiring! I'm sure you've all pumped up your tyres and oiled your chains ready for the long, dry summer ahead. Looking back on the winter, the sub-24 faithful have had some epic trips and kept the heart of the overnighter beating fiercely.

But the ski is dead. Long live the bike.

You may have thought that sub-24 Friday passed without note last weekend. Well, you'd be wrong. The reason is... sub-24 Friday has moved...

Sub-24 Friday is now the LAST FRIDAY of the month. 

This will ensure good weather.

So, our next trip will be on Friday 26th April. And, somewhat surprisingly, the trip is already planned... We so thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Stenbacka last November, we're going there again to open the sub-24 bicycling season. Around a 15 km ride from Bemböle, sauna, a dip in the stream, followed by a warm, dry night in a very comfortable old house owned by the mysterious Espoon Retkeilijät.

If you want to wash away your winter fur, what better way that sub-24?! Just don't forget your towel, slippers and 15e cash, please. If you're new to sub-24, or are an old friend, this will be an easy start to the season. Have a look here in case you have any questions, or post a comment below. My post-winter fitness is just about up to the task of bringing a bottle of something warming...

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