Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back on your bikes!

Right then, spring has well and truly arrived in Helsinki, so it's back to the good old-fashioned traditions of Sub-24 by bike (none of this metro business this time)!

Meeting point: The Bemböle Shell Station
When: Friday 4th May, 5.30pm
Heading to: Either Halkolampi (via Velskolantie) or Pirttimäki, depending on time, weather and energy!

If you cannot be there on time, let us know. We can either wait for you, or meet you somewhere else. It's always a good idea to have one of our phone numbers so please do leave a comment if you need that.

Here's the list of things you may want to bring and remember, the wood may be too wet to make a fire, so ensure you have warm enough clothes!

Have a great Vappu and see you on Friday!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An urban experience

Question: What do you get if you make a Sub24 destination easily reachable by public transport?

Answer: S*** loads of people!

This was by far our best attended Sub24 ever, with 15 people in total. Lee, Simo and Charles even rode their bikes there (well it was a Sub24 after all), braving a typical spring wet snowfall on their way. 

The cabins of the Rastila campsite felt like a real luxury compared to our tents (and the temperature must have been a shock for the survivors). But the addition of sauna was very welcome and fitted in to the spirit of Sub24 ever so well!

The proximity of shops meant that food and drinks top-ups were easy. And during such a trip, Dima, Brannon, Zuzanna and Charles witnessed a stunning sunset.

Later in the evening, the last Sub24ers joined and they were dedicated since some of them had only landed from Paris at 19.30 in Vantaa! They came straight there and introduced us to such delicacies as fire-melted camembert. That was a BIG hit and surely an early contender for luxury item of the year!

The rest of the evening produced some epic conversations, including how African American women move their neck (amazing impression by Brannon), group vocal exercises that involved all of us doing a child's motorbike noise, mono-tities (don't ask), and the hugely disturbing Russian children's tale of the baby bull walking to his certain death (Dima, take a bow).

The following morning, everyone went their separate way and the riders enjoyed a beautiful (if a tad fresh) ride through the back roads of Itäkeskus, Viiki, and Oulunkylä, crossing the river Vantaa on their way.

All in all a very different kind of Sub24, but very enjoyable in its own way. Next month, it's back to nature, tents and lakes. Hopefully some of the new-comers will join again! So thank you once again to Lee, Florian, Elsa, Zuzanna, Charles, Dima, Brannon, Simo, Matthieu, Stu, Céleste, Lucille, Antoine, Martin and Laurent for making this the biggest Sub24 ever!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rastila - Easter Friday

Welcome to the April edition of Sub24. We are going to rent a cabin in Rastila this time so if you are interested in coming please tell us QUICK because we're going to book it on Monday! The price for the accommodation (and sauna) will be around €30 per person. 

Some of us will cycle there and others will take the metro. It's worth noting that the cycling takes us past most metro stations on the way so if you're not sure whether you can handle the ride, it will be easy to cop out any time!

The cabins have have linen and towels included. I may bring my own towel for sauna though. There is also a kitchen but in the spirit of Sub24, it may be more fun to freeze outside huddled around a small grilling place! Our usual list of things to bring may not be that relevant to the luxury of a cabin but you could take a look anyway if it's your first sub24 with us.

Now here's where and when we're going to meet:
  • Cyclists: 16.00 outside the main entrance of Pasila station.

  • Others: 16.30 outside main entrance of Rautatientori.

I know some of you are coming much later, which is of course fine. See you guys in Rastila!