Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lee's enthusiasm, on the wane...

On the Friday before sub-24 Friday, I always look out of the window (obviously I am at home) and try to imagine the weather to expect in one week's time. Well, last Friday was dark, cold, windy, wet, and generally miserable.

Is that what we have to look forward to next week? There are some tough riders amongst us, I know. But who would rather go riding and camping instead of all the other nice options Finland offers us at this time of year - central heating, candles, glögi, warm embraces?

I'm also of the opinion that, despite being nice and protected in the Pirttimäki cabin, the damp firewood will make everything a bit more miserable.

So, to cut a long story short: Bemböle at 17:45. Then a couple of hours night ride to Nuuksio.

Or the candlelight and embraces thing.

Who's in?

(As an aside, I'm planning to go here before Christmas. If someone wants to join/instruct me, that would be nice...)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


So, hydrospinning. That's that then. It felt as silly as it looks. Pedaling to the music, waving our arms around, being shouted at by the sweet young lady. I won't be rushing back there, but I'm pleased I tried it. We look pretty happy in these photos - a few of us look VERY happy, actually. 

It was really good to see everyone (eleven in total: both Sub24ers and prospective Sub24ers) and I guess we're all looking forward to more Sub-24 escapades in the future. Friday 2nd December, anyone?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween special

Pitch black forests, spooky mist, an eerie moon. Three hardcore sub24ers enjoyed a different experience this Friday in the chilly darkness of Pirttimäki.

Bike lights and headlamps were enough to see us through the unlit kilometres to an old favourite camping place - now marked with its Finnish name, Sulalampi. The grilling cottage here should provide a bit more warmth than the wall-less open grills found elsewhere.

We were lucky it wasn't that cold because the damp wood was even more unwilling to burn than usual - we got more exercise blowing than riding. So to say. Just enough heat to warm some sausages was all we could manage. (Ouch.)

Outside it was dark and misty, inside is was dark and smoky. But the only truly weird thing was the arrival of hundreds of mosquitoes, which actually disappeared as eerily as they arrived. 

Sleepy riders went into warm sleeping bags to get ready for the new day. Apart from being disturbed by mice eating Lee's chocolate and pooing in Lee's helmet, the cabin proved good enough to sleep in for Hubert.
If it weren't for the damp wood, this cottage could see some serious sub24 action this winter. Willing riders will have to come up with a better plan for December.

For now, we're looking forward to seeing everyone for Hydrospinning...

p.s. Can you explain the river? And the toxic sewage?!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So, I had to put my bike lights on at 5 pm yesterday. That has some bearing on the trip this Friday- which I know everyone is keen to attend. Obviously, going along lit cycle paths is not such a challenge, but riding in the forest and putting up tents in the dark is not everyone's idea of fun, especially if the weather gods add some cold and wet to proceedings.

I, however, am still keen to go. First Friday of the month - sub-24!

To cut down on uncertainties, maybe we should go into Pirttimäki again and aim for the camping sites where we have been before. The  grilling cabin would be good if it's cold, but there are other options close-by if that place is already occupied. There's some nice new signposts in Pirttimäki, so we shouldn't be able to get lost. Even in the dark...

5:30 at Bemböle then, okay?

Usual equipment should be enough and I'll bring a trangia in case we need it. Just don't forget your bike lights, torches and headlamps.

Finally, apologies for the short notice of the post, I've been in bed for a week with flu. Which means I need lots of fresh air and exercise this weekend...