Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April edition - Porkkala

Our annual trip to Porkkala took place last weekend. We have enjoyed autumnal visits there in the last couple of years, but this time spring was in the air.

Groups from Bemböle and Helsinki merged at Kirkkonummi station to enjoy the excellent roads down to Porkkala. 

The fields were ploughed and the trees were showing the beginnings of leaves as we sped down the country lanes to the end of the peninsular. 

Several times our ride was interrupted by deer and even some young elk. 

We arrived as the sun was starting to set over the water and discovered a new and very stylish cooking shelter waiting for us. 

Luxuries were enjoyed and stories told, but the kilometers in our legs sent us easily off to sleep at a reasonable hour. 

The sun was shining beautifully in the morning and after a fried breakfast, tents were demolished and bags packed. 

On the way out of the forest, we stopped to collect our thoughts at the burial mound. 

Good weather, good food and good company - the reasons we scrape ourselves off of our sofas.

The trip in numbers...

Riders: 6
Women: 1
Round-trip from Bemböle: 80
Total time in the saddle: 5 hours
Flat tyres: 0
Sausages eaten: 8

Advance warning: The last Friday of June will be a special edition of sub-24... The Hanko Hop!

We will leave Helsinki in the evening and ride through the night along Kuninkaantie all the way to Hanko. 

Have a look here.

See you next month!