Saturday, March 28, 2015

Merry riding in cheerful rain.

I don't what would it take for a sub24 no to take place. At least, the foul weather did not prevented us to meet in Bemböle as usual, ready for exciting adventures. This time, we were four. We decided to ride somewhere to Nuuksio instead of distant Porkala because of the rain. We aimed at Holma-Saarijärvi, a bit north from Siikajärvi.

The ride went smoothly until Siikajärvi, until we went to the trails in the forest. We were expecting it, but the paths were covered in place by a slippery layer of ice. And it was mostly prevalent in steep uphill or downhill. Sometimes, it did feel like we had forgotten our (night) ice climbing equipment. After an hour of pushing into the wood and the night, we arrived to one of the most beautiful camping sport of Nuuksio on an island located in a small lake. But on the island, we could see the light and laughing and shouting of hundreds of scouts. After a short debate, we decided to head to the following spot, thankfully not so far away (the author was feeling a bit exhausted). 

As usual, everything felt right when we settled down, pitched up our tent, hammock or minimalistic tarp, chopped wood, started the fire and cooked a lot of food. In the distance, we could still hear the scouts. The rain decided to stop falling to let us enjoy our evening with full comfort.

When we wake up in full day light, we could even actually see the landscape around us. The lake was still well frozen. Full of a new energy after a restful night and a plentiful breakfast, we headed towards Nuuksionpää, thus making a loop through Nuuksio by the hiking path. The rain started again to accompany us during our ride home. 

Thanks a lot for the nice company and the stainless steel spirit!

Next sub24 Friday 24th April. Stay tuned for the exact time of the meeting point and the destination. Target: no more slippery walk on icy path ;).


Weather forecast were pretty bad and accurate.

I think I found a gear that keeps me dry in any weather. However, my look makes children laugh at me in the street.

Isn't it minimalistic packing for a night out in rain and just above freezing weather?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hints of Spring

Hello Sub24ers,

It's been close to a month now that snow has receded in Helsinki region. Another skiing season cut short by the unusual high temperatures. Luckily the sun gone missing for months is now back and it's becoming little by little less of a hassle to move the bikes around.

As last Friday if the month is this coming Friday, time to plan!
Meeting point: Bemböle, Espoo (check the map)
Time: 17.30
Direction: Let's decide the direction at the meeting at Bemböle. If the weather is OK, Porkala. If it is too stormy, we go to nearby Nuuksio.

If you're new to Sub24 activities just run a search about Porkkala on this blog, you'll find a few trip reports in different seasons.

Before we close the winter chapter for good this year, here are 3 pictures from last Month' trip to Saarilampi: