Monday, May 6, 2019

Sub24 3.5 at Urja, Nuuksio. The last snow flakes?

After two weeks of sunny mild weather, the arctic weather system decided to expand over Europe bringing freezing temperature just in time for our sub24! Despite a bitterly cold wind, we were four to ride our bicycles happily towards the mighty wood of Nuuksio. We went along Pitkäjärvi, turned towards Kolmperä and started to push the bicycles for the last 700 m to Urja, which was a bit adventurous especially the narrow bridges for our loaded bicycles.

The lovely campsite of Urja was waiting for us, empty. A fire was quickly set up and we could enjoy some evening sun and the majestic view towards the lake. However tempting it was, nobody indulged in a swim. Some good food was soon simmering, asparagus and smoked salmon rice, rabbit stew and other delicacies that are common sight among the sub24 foodies. 

We all slept well despite the group of scouts having a good evening not so far from us. The night went as cold to -4°C. I am well equipped for cold weather, no problem, but I wonder why we seem to always get this extreme weather on sub24. All the Finnish problems were forgotten when I find myself enjoying some banana bread with a freshly brewed coffee, while some sun light broke through the cloud while a light snow fall started. The sight was of utter beauty.

I was hoping to return through part of the reitti 2000, but a screw of my rack broke, leaving half of it in the frame. The situation was saved using a useful rope and more importantly by the solidarity of the group that took a big part of the weight off my rack. Thanks for that and thanks for this beautiful trip.

When is the next sub24? Contact us to suggest a date.


P.S. I managed to get the broken screw off my frame without damage!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Next sub24, this Friday, 3.5!

Despite the temperature went chilly again, we cycle again to the woods for a night of camping in Nuuksio.

See you at Bemböle shell gas station at 17:30 on 3.5. We will ride together to Nuuksio and have a lovely time.