Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dear winter, where did you go?

With temperatures firmly stuck above freezing point and pretty much no snow left in Helsinki, Sub24 Helsinki will have to resort to bikes this February.

So see you with your trusty bike at the usual spot in Bemböle at 5.30 pm.

Direction Saarilampi, unless decided otherwise in Bemböle.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kämmenlampi under the snow!

The first sub24 of the year! Destination: the wonderful laavu by Kämmenlampi in Nuuksio. It was quite a courageous destination since it is not the most easy to reach. For this edition, one group went there by bike (maybe not the smartest option) and another group went there hiking.

It started to snow seriously in the afternoon, I biked quickly to the meeting point of Bemböle from Otaniemi. Scared to be late because of the snow, I took a lot of margin and arrive 40 minutes early. I used this precious time to dry in the gas station, sip tea and observe the fauna that hang out at gas station.

We were three bikers to leave from Bemböle. Quickly, the snow cover on the road became thick and it was very difficult to keep the direction. I have to say, it has been my rougher ride to a sub24. Kuikunlääntie was made 15 cm of snow on top of plain ice! Then a last bit through the wood to drain our last energy. 

All this hardship got immediately forgotten when we arrive at the laavu. A cheerful fire was soon roaring, pasta were cooking, what to ask more from life? Soon after we arrived, the hiking group made it. A blissful evening followed in good company, steaks were grilled and shared, pancakes and jam came for dessert. 

After a very enjoyable night, we woke up full of energy for breakfast and our way back. The biking was not easier than the previous day, but the daylight and the new energy made it easier.

Thanks for the good moment!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015