Sunday, October 25, 2015

September times

Hello all,

Long overdue report of last Sub24 outing, towards Saarilampi (relocation from Oravankolo).

A 4 cyclists party, consisting of Robin, Olivier, Tuisku and Florian met at the usual gas station on the last Friday of September. Enjoying the best cycling conditions possible at this time of the year, the 22 km ride to Saarilampi passed like a breeze and it was just around dusk when the all arrived at the campsite, populated already by a group of scouts (quiet ones if you can believe it!).

Setting tent, hammock and tarps, the dinner happen to be under a light drizzle that escalated to full shower by the time darkness set in. Nothing however could dampen their mood as it was Olivier's birthday and a chocolate cake (and whipped cream!) made for an excellent luxury item. Thanks to the cook!

Lighted up by a full moon, a peaceful night followed by a misty morning led to a breakfast with leftover cake. As the sun peeked through the clouds ans chased the mist away, they all came back to Helsinki through Veikkola ready to tackle the weekend. And to do it again next month!