Thursday, September 22, 2011

Porkkala baby yeah!

So here goes for the details of the Saturday 1st October edition of the Sub24:

  • Where: Porkkala
  • How far is that? Well this you can decide. Lee and I will be meeting at Kauklahti train station at 16:30. From there it's a little over 30 km to the camping spot. For those who feel that's a little too far, meet us at Jorvas train station from where it's 20 km away. Zuzanna will be waiting there and arriving on the U-Train that pulls in at 17:13. 
  • What do I need? The usual.
  • Will I regret it? No.
Any questions? Please do tell in the comments section or on the Facebook page.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Saturday 1st Ocotber and Pikkujoulu

Hi guys,

Well the Sub24 season is drawing to a close now as the cold weather approaches our shores. But we would like to go out with a bang with the October edition! A few differences first of all:

  • This time, it's going to be the first Saturday of the month, hence October 1st.
  • We want to ride a little further than usual, and mainly on paved road. We're thinking of heading Kirkkonummi way. Any ideas where we could camp/ grill over there?
  • And in order to beat the night, and since we are leaving on a Saturday, we will leave at the earlier time of 4pm.
So where should we meet? Bemböle, as usual? Or maybe Kauklahti train station? The latter has the advantage of being on the right side of Kirkkonummi and people who don't want to push themselves too much could get themselves there by train.

On a different note, Lee and I were thinking it would be nice to have a Sub24 Pikkujoulu for the regulars but also for anyone who wants to come and meet us to see that we are, in fact, quite nice people! The date we had pinpointed was Saturday 22nd Ocotber. Suggestions so far have included renting a sauna in town or even a mökki in the vicinity. We'd share the costs so either way it's unlikely to end up as much more than 25€/participant. 

Would you attend? Do you have any suggestions? Please answer the poll on the right hand panel so we can get an idea of interest. And comments would be greatly welcomed.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Just came back from the September edition of the Sub24. Here's what we can report.

The Good
  • The turn-out. Six of us rode there together and two people joined later. Strong work!

  • Three new faces:



Tim, on his fixie!
  • The forest, as enjoyable as ever on a Friday night

  • Saucisson

The Bad
  • The weather on our way out, although it wasn't as bad as expected.

  •  The smokiness of the lovely little grilling hut we found!


  • Fashion sense of Xavier (aka "The Boy")

The Ugly

  • Florian and Dima

  • Charles eating smores

  • ...and finally the nasty surprise when literally hundreds of school-kids invaded our forest in the morning

Thanks to everyone for coming and see you in October where we may break with routine and have it on the first Saturday of the month as a one off. Watch this space...