Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy New Year from sub-24!

Three intrepid anglophiles took advantage of the shockingly mild January weather to ride on untainted asphalt all the way to Nuuksio last Friday. The dark start from Bemböle was the usual fare for sub-24 winter rides, but the dryness and relative warmth were a pleasant surprise in a winter of wind and constant rain.

We followed Heinästie to Siikäjärvi on asphalt and took the final three forest kilometres to Mustalampi on a mixture of wheel and foot. After friends had been made and sausages washed, we turned in for the night with the first tiny flakes of snow starting to fall.

Unfortunately, morning light revealed that the snow was in fact drizzle.

Wet tents
A woodpecker

Mustalampi, Nuuksio
The cargo bike has a large rear end

If the miserable weather continues, we'll have no choice but to ride bicycles and camp in the forest again on the next sub-24 weekend - the last Friday of the January.

p.s. If you think you're feeling depressed about the weather now, just take a look at the sub-24 trips from around this time last year…

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