Monday, June 20, 2011

Company welcomed

In the spirit of sub-24... no excuses. Over-nighters the first Friday of every month, right?

Despite holidays and travel monopolising the lives of potential sub-24ers, Friday 1st July will see one lonely Englishman riding to Nuuksio. Bike? Check. Tent? Check. Integrity? Check. Friends? Nope.

Company is welcomed.

... I noticed from the poll on the right that someone else is planning to come (and what does 'maybe' mean?). I wonder who you are. Maybe we should syncronise our watches?

This is Lee.

p.s. As of 8 pm Thursday, I am still going. Not sure to where yet, but Bemböle at 5.30, I'll hang around there for a minute or two in case someone's coming. You'll recognise me, I'll have a bike with me. And no friends. Am I sounding desperate yet?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nuuksio and out!

Just got home from the second Sub-24 of 2011. Quite tired but feeling so good about the last 24 hours. We had a fantastic time!

The crew




Some friends and family joined us by car (the cheats!) but it made for a very social evening with people from Finland, France, the UK, Poland and Zimbabwe of different ages and backgrounds meddling together and enjoying the beautiful evening and constant light. And Zuzanna stayed for the camping, good on her!

The location: Haukanholma, Nuuksio National Park.

The road there is 17 kms from Bemböle and it is certainly challenging. It's very hilly, especially by Finnish standards!

Florian waiting in Kilo for the arrival of Sonja and Xavier

Ooooh, I sense a new blog profile picture coming along...

There they come!

Riding along Turuntie past Karakallio. Sorry you couldn't make it Lee, we thought of you!

Leaving Bemböle behind, and practising the "over-the-shoulder" picture technique!

 The sudden appearance of Pitkäjarvi makes us realise we're real happy to be there!

Riding up to skiing hills, practically the Alps then ;-)

The riding team

After a couple of hours riding, we made it to our camping spot and then the fun simply continued, in excellent company!

Charles' new "Star Wars" tent

 Florian and Ville refresh themselves, Finnish style

Feeling miserable :-)

Some people's first ever Makkara!

 The next morning, after a quick breakfast, the ride home.

Did I mention there were hills?

 It's always ok to get off and push!

The sight of Bemböle means a return to civilisation

Now Charles' next challenge is to ride to Lapland from Helsinki, starting on June 15th. This means he won't be on the July 1st Sub-24. But Lee is up for going so look at your calendars and let us know if you're interested to join again next time!