Saturday, April 13, 2019

Next sub24 03.05

Next sub24 on 3rd May!

12.04 Väransby report

Sometimes you think that you might just be two to the sub24 and a few regulars pop up by surprise and three join through word-to-mouth (a chat seems to often beat these gigantic data server regarding communication efficiency). So we ride from Otaniemi to Väransby, meeting freely along the way and as far as at the camping. We took the out-of-the-beaten track road in the Kirkkonummi countryside. Lazy deers were grazing and resting in a pack of 16 in the fields, enjoying watching our struggle on the dirt road.

The Väransby did not disappoint us one more time. While we were sipping Polish tea watching the last waves dissolving in the evening calm and forming this bright mirror surface and these sharp tree silhouettes on the islands. There was a consensus that the air was chilly and no swimmers went to break this perfect stillness of the water.

New people, new habits. Delicious marinated steaks were grilled among all the other delicious food that comforted us. The deluxe item tradition is still strong. The fire kept us warm and long awake.

On our way back, we stopped at the landvik kyläkauppa for morning coffee. The group slowly diverged and we were two to follow the beautiful sea shore of Espoo all the way to Tapiola. The crispy temperature kept the path conveniently uncrowded.

Thanks for the very nice company, welcome again to the newcomers! As usual feel free to bring friends and colleagues along.




Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Next sub24 12.04

Despite the winter coming back, we have a sub24 scheduled on 12.04. We will go to Väransby and meet at 17:00 in Otaniemi (in front of the new aalto building) or at 17:30 on the south bridge of espoon lahti (on the espoo side).