Sunday, June 3, 2012

...and we didn't even cry!

Zuzanna and Charles' farewell Sub24 was hardly an emotional cry-fest (we're just too tough for that, right Beast?) but it was quite a send-off.

First of all, we enjoyed the company of 3 new Sub24ers: Immi, Céline and Siert. It was great to have you guys and we hope our silliness hasn't put you off joining again in the future! That meant there were 10 of us actually cycling, a record!

We also enjoyed beyond any doubt the most amazing culinary experience in the history of Sub24! This included:


Swiss Cheese Fondue (thanks Olivier)

 Banana and Chocolate dessert (Thanks Florian and Elsa)

And Céline and Siert also brought lovely saucisson and French wine. Phew... we were full!

In other news, he's some of the wisdom that we learnt during the trip:

Zuzanna brushes her teeth in a really silly way

Lee is grumpy. Xavier is cheerful

Immi likes makkara

Ten bikes in the forest look cool

The wonky road is still our favourite

Xavier's bike (far left) must have been VERY heavy!

Halkolampi has maybe the best area for camping that we've tried out

Finland is mighty beautiful

So thanks again for all the memories guys, not just from this edition but all the previous Sub24s. It's definitely one of the hardest things for me to leave behind as I start my new life in France. However I do look forward to following your future adventures on this blog and Zuzanna and I will try and join again when we visit. Try not to miss us too much!