Saturday, March 28, 2020

sub24 is coronavirus compatible

While we all get crazy because of spending most of our time indoor, it felt sub24 was a powerful antidote to these difficult times.

We ended our remote work day early and jumped on our bikes, except for one of us that got its bike stolen the previous night. Take good care of these bicycles even in indoor storage. Sub24 people are very resourceful and an extra bike was found.

We had a lovely ride to Linlo, keeping carefully social distancing while catching up with the latest news. We spotted many deers in the Kirkkonummi country-side. The island was quite full from people grilling sausages in the evening, but we were lucky to find a good spot that has just been freed.

Polish tea and cinnamon rolls were shared in the sharing and caring tradition of sub24 before we set up our night equipment. Rapidly we were set and preparing our dinner for which water sea water was needed. The rocks were extremely slippery and steep by the water and it was fortunate that absolutely NOBODY fell in the water with bell pepper and phone, because the water was cold and the wind chilly. Fortunately some spare clothes could have been found in case somebody went in the water by accident and the grill had glass windows offering a good protection from the wind.

I fell asleep in my hammock, breathing the fresh outdoor air and I realised how much I had missed those nights out.

The next morning was glorious, sun high up, beautiful sea and plentiful breakfast table. Some tried their luck at fishing, while some other went exploring the island. The day visitors were already pouring in. We headed back to Espoo while the day felt as warm as July.

Note: sub24 recommends to gather in small number only and keep a safety distance- from each other and from slippery rocks. We don't publish invitation during the epidemic to avoid creating large gathering. However, feel free to contact one of the organizer to join/organize a sub24!