Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcoming 2015

Happy new year to you all, outdoor enthusiasts!

Sub24 Helsinki is now in its fifth year, and still going strong. With some delay winter finally set in and the snow blanket seems to be holding... for now!

Weather conditions look ideal for this coming Friday (little wind, temperatures just below 0C to guarantee fresh air) so let's go camping! May I also point out that according to a fresh new study, the Finnish Forest Research Institute recommends spending at least five hours among nature per month, which has a significant impact on well-being. Still hesitating?

The white carpet not being thick enough to ensure proper skiing conditions, the first Sub24 of 2015 will be on our trusty (hopefully not too rusty) bikes.

Meeting place: the usual Bemböle Shell gas station (check our Destinations map)
Date: January, Friday 23rd
Time: 18.00.
Direction: Kämmenlampi (15-20 km ride from Bemböle). You can check the report of our trip to the place last autumn here

Please note that another party will set off on foot somewhere along Vihdintie to meet the cycling group in Kämmenlampi. No need to worry if you're bike is not set up for winter cycling!

Hikers will meet in Rinnekoti, Espoo, at the final bus stop of bus 345 leaving from Elielinaukio.
Meeting time: 18.00. See you there!