Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sub24 August 2014



We left with a distant target in mind: The beautiful peninsula of Porkkala and its numerous dear and elk. One group left from Bemböle and another from Otaniemi to meet at Länsiväylä’s bridge on the border of Kirkkonummi. My group was a bit early and we could indulge in the contemplation of fishermen pulling pikes and perch from the water. If fishing calms down the soul, watching fishermen is even more powerful anti-stress activity. 

The sub24 group was strong of seven riders this time, in a merry mood and ready to explore new roads. From Sarvvikin Puistotie, we turned left to Finnbyntie to risk ourselves in a web of country side roads. Making the most of digitalized printed map, satellite geolocalization and Nokia map, we found our way to Långvik, crossing some farm roads and entertaining some friendly cows (I take the opportunity to thank the monster-sized bull to have stayed out of sight). 

Near Långvik, we made an unusual decision: we changed our plan and decided to head for Väransby. The reason was that orienteering might have been difficult on the never ending web of small roads. Now that I write these lines, I see that Honskbyvägen and Bondarbyvägen would have lead us relatively simply to Porkkalantie. Let’s keep that in mind for another time. 

The ride continued smoothly to the very beautiful camping spot of Väransby. The still water was a mirror, reflecting the stunning archipelago landscape. Few riders could resist the temptation to swim surrounded by the colours of the setting sun despite the water having turned to the chilly side already.
The shelter had been rebuilt since last time and once again we were thankful for the good job of the organizations keeping these shelters in such good shape. 

The evening went with cooking, shared treats, happy fire and good company. Apparently mosquitoes already stopped to be a threat at this time of the year. Some geese were making test flights in the sky, getting ready for their migration to Continental Europe. My heart tensed for a second at the thought that these birds take the summer away and we are heading fast into another round of darkness.

Please, never do that and consider more sensible camping stove.

In the morning, a small group of early birds left early, while the rest took hearty breakfast and good coffee. We went back to Bemböle by Kuninkaantie. Thanks to all the riders for this pleasant edition and stayed tuned for the next ride that might include a surprise. -Olivier