Thursday, September 15, 2011

Saturday 1st Ocotber and Pikkujoulu

Hi guys,

Well the Sub24 season is drawing to a close now as the cold weather approaches our shores. But we would like to go out with a bang with the October edition! A few differences first of all:

  • This time, it's going to be the first Saturday of the month, hence October 1st.
  • We want to ride a little further than usual, and mainly on paved road. We're thinking of heading Kirkkonummi way. Any ideas where we could camp/ grill over there?
  • And in order to beat the night, and since we are leaving on a Saturday, we will leave at the earlier time of 4pm.
So where should we meet? Bemböle, as usual? Or maybe Kauklahti train station? The latter has the advantage of being on the right side of Kirkkonummi and people who don't want to push themselves too much could get themselves there by train.

On a different note, Lee and I were thinking it would be nice to have a Sub24 Pikkujoulu for the regulars but also for anyone who wants to come and meet us to see that we are, in fact, quite nice people! The date we had pinpointed was Saturday 22nd Ocotber. Suggestions so far have included renting a sauna in town or even a mökki in the vicinity. We'd share the costs so either way it's unlikely to end up as much more than 25€/participant. 

Would you attend? Do you have any suggestions? Please answer the poll on the right hand panel so we can get an idea of interest. And comments would be greatly welcomed.



  1. Hey, Ive never been on a ride with you guys yet, but Ive found myself to enjoy riding just recently. I have a bike, not sure if it can keep well during such rides, but maybe. So I was thinking maybe October 1st I could join if the meeting place is really Kauklahti, because I live far away in Vantaa and thats the best way for me to commute. I am myself a girl, studying business in Haaga-Helia at the moment. :)

  2. Hi Aura,

    I'm sure your bike is fine, we have had the full range this year. From racing bike to mountain bike, and everything in between: city bikes, hybrids, fixies, etc... Out of curiosity though, what is it that you are riding?

    You raise a good point about meeting at a railway station. It does make it easier for anyone to join, regardless of where they live. Maybe something to consider more regularly in the future.

    We look forward to meeting you on October 1st then!