Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lee's enthusiasm, on the wane...

On the Friday before sub-24 Friday, I always look out of the window (obviously I am at home) and try to imagine the weather to expect in one week's time. Well, last Friday was dark, cold, windy, wet, and generally miserable.

Is that what we have to look forward to next week? There are some tough riders amongst us, I know. But who would rather go riding and camping instead of all the other nice options Finland offers us at this time of year - central heating, candles, glögi, warm embraces?

I'm also of the opinion that, despite being nice and protected in the Pirttimäki cabin, the damp firewood will make everything a bit more miserable.

So, to cut a long story short: Bemböle at 17:45. Then a couple of hours night ride to Nuuksio.

Or the candlelight and embraces thing.

Who's in?

(As an aside, I'm planning to go here before Christmas. If someone wants to join/instruct me, that would be nice...)


  1. The bouldering place looks very interesting, I'm for it!
    Won't go for cycling though, too bad weather for me...


  2. Well, whatever the weather I will be in ;). The forecast for next Friday in Espoo is rain, +3 °C, 10 m/s wind from SO, in other words, quite miserable weather. It'll be nice to try another camp, I'll dig out the Nuuksio map for interesting locations...

  3. Actually, I'll be in too! Just need a small space i a tent :) Anywhere is good for me!


  4. Great Tim! Well, if Charles is going I guess there will be space in his tent, otherwise I'm taking my two person tent and there will be space for you in it.

  5. Sorry guys, but I'll leave you to it again this time. What can I say? You are just tougher than I am! So bring your 2-person tent Florian. And let's go running on Saturday after-noon or Sunday.