Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stenbacka, Friday 26th

Here are the details for the trip this coming Friday:

Meet at Bemböle Shell at 17:45.
Roughly 1 hour easy riding to Stenbacka.
The house will be warm (but we slept on the floor last time).
No shoes inside the house.
There is a fully equipped kitchen with a gas oven.
There should be drinking water.
We will heat the sauna.
Please bring 15e cash.

See below for other information and links. Please comment or email with any questions. See you on Friday!


  1. When you say the house will be warm, does this mean warm enough that I'll only need my summer sleeping bag?

    Thanks to Olivier for hooking us up with a sauna again!

    - Robin

  2. Hi there!

    Last November summer slepping bag was enough. The house gets warmer with people inside and fireplace/cooking.

    See you