Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Helsinki archipelago!

Sub24 goes a bit imaginative in winter to adapt to the challenging conditions. Olivier had a brilliant idea for this Sub24 and it's is all about skiing.

Here we go for the details:

This Friday 25th of January, 5.30 pm

Munkkiniemi aukio gas station, Huopalahdentie 1

The plan is to leave from Munkkiniemi, ski about 8 km on the sea ice to an island (near-by K√§√§rmeluoto, south of Lauttasaari) and camp there on solid ground. Prepare yourself to sleep in a tent in cold conditions. To have a more relax evening on the island we can start a wood sauna there. 

What to take?
Aside from the usual gear described in this post, few other items might become handy for this trip:

-COMPULSORY Naskalit (
-Spare cloth in plastic or waterproof bag

Watch this video, might be useful one day (like this Friday?):

Please drop us a comment if you're up for this trip, or send us an email to

See you on Friday!