Monday, September 3, 2012

September edition

Late notice again, but nevertheless... The first Friday of the month is sub-24 Friday.

Hopefully you never wonder whether there will be a ride. Even if I'm this late with the blog. There will always be sub-24!

Again I invite suggestions for destinations, but I was thinking we meet at Bemböle Shell at 17:30 and aim towards Nuuksio. Excitement levels can then dictate how far we ride. Kattilajärvi is a shorter option. I'm also interested to ride to Haukkalampi/Mustalampi along Heinästie, which is prettier and probably less hilly than Nuuksiontie. Also, Haukkalampi/Mustalampi via Pirttimäki and Solvalla is a more cross-country option. All these routes can be found from Google.

That's too many suggestions, right? Comments, please?!

And the triathlon? I don't fancy it much. Do you?...

1 comment:

  1. In principle I'll be along tomorrow, unless the cold I seemed to have caught gets drastically worse.

    Along Heinästie to Haukkalampi looks like a good bet I reckon.

    Do I fancy the triathlon? Not likely!