Sunday, September 9, 2012

British veterans

The prominence of British cycling continued this month on our trip to Nuuksio in changeable weather. Instead of the long climbs and descents of Nuuksiontie, we chose the cyclists' dream of a road - Heinästie. I can't recommend this road highly enough, although the national park designated cycling route from Siikajärvi to Mustalampi that followed was distinctly unrideable in places.

The weather improved significantly after our arrival at Mustalampi, and finally we were given some peace and quiet in Nuuksio - we had the camping area and grill shelter to ourselves and all-in-all the surroundings were perfect. Red sky at night, cyclists' delight!

A couple of observations from me: on the way home we turned off of Turuntie after Bemböle and followed Kuninkaantie, went through Auroranpuisto (see the manor house below) and then towards Pitkäjärvi. From there we went our own ways home, but riding away from the traffic of Turuntie made a nice change and is an option for future rides for those coming from the Leppävaara direction.

Also, I felt guilty when I realised that the poor turn-out might have had something to do with my lack of advertising! As I've written before, there will always be sub-24... even if this blog is updated too close to the ride to be polite.

My lack of Twittering, Facebooking and Foruming this month may have kept someone away and for that I'm sorry. Please fill in the poll on the right about how you want to hear about the rides and I'll see if my internet allergy can be overcome.

Finally, I hope for some really bad luck to befall whoever it was that stole the back wheel off my touring bike last night. Not only is it inconvenient and expensive for me, the worst part is that my faith in the safety of Finland has been affected.

And to all the cyclists out there, lock wheels to frame and frame to something immovable...


  1. I must say, Facebook does it for me, although only as a support tool to advertise the blog!

    I'm also not sure that in the "pre-event" post you need to be so specific about road names etc... I know I lose interest (and not only because I live 3,000 km away)!

    Otherwise, top report as per usual. I'm not missing the Finnish weather at all, but the camaraderie of these Sub24s I certainly am!

    PS: Did you notice that the other day I accidentally posted a blog post that was intended for my "Suzie & Charlie" blog on here instead? The mistake was promptly corrected...

  2. Sorry for the loss of your wheel Lee!

    This lack of advertising is also due to the absence of links on facebook and forums. I thought about it while on my trip and blamed myself for not "transmitting the power" to somebody in Finland to share the blog link.

    Concerning the October edition of Sub24, I have a friend visiting from Oslo on the first Friday of October (5th), so that would be a no-go for me again. Would that be possible to move this one either to Friday Sept 28th or Saturday Oct 6th?

    No riding for a month and my legs are itching!

  3. I too can't make it for the first Friday in October because of family commitments. I'd be up for moving it forward to Friday 28th September if people fancy it?

  4. A few thing:
    - I prefer FB and blog for info.

    - For the next time, I can go the 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th of octobre.

    - Blog master: as I said on the FB page, we can go in Novembre to the house I mention in Nuuksio.

    Copy-paste of the FB post:
    For the very dark ride of the 2.11, we will have a special destination. It is slightly haunted house belonging to an outdoor club. I happened to be a member of that club and they say it is OK to bring guests.

    Take your sauna kit and 15 euro cash. No need for tent but bring sleeping bag and eventually mats.

    On saturday, you will have the choice to stay there fore the day for cleaning talkot and special gala dinner and practise your Finnish or go back as usual.