Saturday, October 17, 2020

Sub24 here we go again!

Sub24 are getting less frequent but they are still as lovely. We rode to Väransby, seeing 44 deers on the way. We had some self made energy bar, pulla and some tea while the sun was taking all the colours along. A sub24 candidate visited us in pitch darkness, got amazed of the place and shared a cup of tea before leaving. We hope to get more camping enthusiast! 
The wine tasted good under the stars, though all the heat of the world was radiating away in the outer space. But no chill resists a good plate of pasta. The fox wanted his share and came circling around us with is bright eyes.
Finland is a good place for those who want to watch sunset, sleep 8 hours and see sunrise. The dawn was breathtaking, so much beauty to take at once, I nearly fainted. Hot tea and banana bread got us full of energy and we started an amazing ride home. Everybody knows what Saturday means: we barely saw two deers, while we spotted 30 hunters getting ready. 

A taste of winter with the colours of autumn. Let's keep riding sub24 my friends!


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