Tuesday, September 26, 2017

October 6th

Sub-24 will be rolling again on Friday 06/10.

Details will follow, but expect a 17:30 departure from Bemböle heading on asphalt towards Vaakkoi for a trip with a difference...

02/10 update, all details revealed!

Special destination for this autumn edition of Sub24: the eräkämppä of Suomen Latu in Vaakkoi. The kämppä is located halfway between Luukki and Salmi, a short distance from Vihdintie. Expect a 15-20 km bike ride from Bemböle.

The kämppä is well equipped with beds and mattresses, cooking stove, a wooden sauna with a lake view (and easy access for swimming) and outdoor toilets.

If you are a member of Helsingin Latu the price of the night (including the sauna use) is 6 euros. For non-members, 11 euros. The number of places is limited, so let us know on this blog/by email/on facebook  by Wednesday 4/10 in the evening if you're planning to join.

Note: Vaakkoi has a talkoot at 10 am on Saturday 07/10  so we'll have to be ready to leave around that time. Or give an helpful hand for those who wish.

See you on Friday in Bemböle at 17.30!

- Florian.

A few pictures of the trip: