Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cycle to the hills


Almost two weeks have passed since last Sub24, time to take a look back at it.

With most regulars away (riding the Tour de Helsinki, cycling in Estonia…), I was really pleased with the good turn-out. A dynamic group of 8 cyclists from Germany, Italy, Morocco, France and Finland found themselves in Bemböle in cloudy weather.

A rather short trip to Kattilajärvi made it for a good introduction of the Sub24 concept for the 6 new comers. Sub24 has visited he place only once, in the complete darkness of December 2011, so it was time to pay a visit to the place in broad daylight.

Joined by the laughers of the youngest Sub24er ever seen (10 months old), our group cruised leisurely along Nupurintie, until we took the direction of Nuuksio along Nuuksion pitkäjärvi. Famous for its hills, the road proved to be a good test for the typical camaraderie encountered on these trips as everyone supported each other to make it to the camping place. Emile, carrying his young daughter in his trailer, definitely deserves an award for the effort!

Turning on the gravel road of Kattilajärventie, easily top3 of the most beautiful gravel roads of Helsinki region in my opinion, it was not long before we finally arrived at the camping site of Kattiläjärvi. Instead of the rain forecasted, it is sun that we got once at the spot, and a few of us obviously took it as an invitation to go swimming.

After pitching the tents, we all gathered by the roaring fire. New comers really picked up the luxury item tradition, and soon we all shared them: Moroccan sausages, French saucisson, coriander beef with peaches and port wine made it for a memorable dinner under the star.

After another group of hikers (coming by car!) arrived close to midnight to set up their tent next to ours, we decided to call it a night and retreated back to our tens for a good night sleep. On morning we all parted in different directions to catch up with civilization and carry on with our lives.

Overall, a rather short Sub24 in distance and many new faces I hope I’ll see again on one of these trips. Special thanks to Olivier for recommending Sub24 to them!

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