Thursday, June 20, 2013

Go west!

Back to the western side of Helsinki region for this June edition of Sub24 Helsinki.

Update:  We've decided on Väransby for this month's sub-24... good facilities, an interestingly varied ride (if we don't get too lost negotiating our way through Espoo), and only 24 km from Bemböle. That's about two hours of slow riding with the promise of a refreshing swim, flat camping ground and a roaring fire.

Meeting at Bemböle Shell Station at 17:45. THIS FRIDAY!

See elsewhere on the blog for more details and comment or email with questions or problems.

As mentioned during our last trip in May, summer in the forests of Southern Finland means mosquitoes, and to avoid them as much as it is possible, heading to the seaside in the winds sounds like a reasonable idea.

Newcomers and regulars alike, check out our previous trips using the Destination tab of this blog to have an idea of the meeting places and timings, as quite likely these will be the same this time.


  1. Hi there! I'm off for the next 5 weeks. I didn't realise I'm missing all summer editions because of Friday-policy change. Too bad! :( Have a nice Sub24 riding!

  2. i'm in ;) can someone manage to send me a phone number in case of...