Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To the East, Friday 31st May

The next sub-24 trip will address the east-west imbalance you find on our 'Destinations' page! Nuuksio, Pirttimäki, Luukki, etc. are excellent places, but we wouldn't want to neglect the beauty of the eastern side of our great conurbation.

After meeting at Wanha Pehtoorin Kioski in Haltiala next to the river Vantaa in northern Helsinki, we will roughly follow the Kerava river up to the Kuusijärvi/Sipoonkorpi area and then find somewhere nice to eat, sleep and be merry. The ride will be around 15 km from Haltiala and I should point out that making your way to the meeting point should involve nice parts of Central Park and Paloheinä, so it will be a nice ride from start to finish!

Once in Kuusijärvi we have the possibility to take a sauna, so bring your sauna gear if you feel like a dip in the lake!

Meeting point at the kiosk, 17:30.

Check the map below for the meeting point:

Agrandir le plan

I will be coming from Leppävaara, so I can meet any westerners there around 16:45, if you feel like it. I'm also planning to ride home that same evening, so I would be happy for company if someone else has a tight Saturday morning schedule.

Send an email to sub24helsinki@gmail.com or comment below with any questions or problems. See you soon!...

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  1. Having been horseback riding all over Sipoonkorpi, the only proper laavu is at Kalkkiruukin luontopolku. You can ride a bike easily 0,5 km away from laavu and even the rest if you have a mountain bike. http://www.luontoon.fi/retkikohteet/kansallispuistot/sipoonkorpi/reitit/Sivut/Default.aspx