Friday, March 8, 2013

Sunny winter season

Longer and sunnier days, but still so much snow!

Let's enjoy it while we still can: Friday 15th, Sub24.

Destination and transportation (skis, bikes, or both) to be chosen during the next few days depending on the weather and snow conditions.

Until now, save the date and watch this space!

12/03 Update! See below the details of the coming trip:

 A skiing trip/expedition is in the pipes for this Friday.
In short: we leave from Munkkiniemi on Friday 17:30, then ski 8 km to an island where we can take sauna, dinner and night in tent.

On Saturday morning, there are 2 options.
1. Go back straight to Lauttasaari, 2km of skiing and take a bus home. This is suitable for everybody.
2. A handful of people are thinking of making it longer. In essence, ski 25 km westward to go to another island (near Edesholmen, Kyrkslätt, Finland) for another evening of sauna and camping. On Sunday, we ski back 10 km and take a bus from Espoo to civillisation. More details on that below.

Here we go for the details:

This Friday 15th of March, 5.30 pm

Munkkiniemi aukio gas station, Huopalahdentie 1

The plan is to leave from Munkkiniemi, ski about 8 km on the sea ice to an island (near-by Käärmeluoto, south of Lauttasaari) and camp there on solid ground. Prepare yourself to sleep in a tent in cold conditions. To have a more relaxing evening on the island we can start a wood sauna there.

What to take?
Aside from the usual gear described in this post, few other items might become handy for this trip:

- COMPULSORY Naskalit (
- Spare cloth in plastic or waterproof bag
- Towel
- Flashlight

Watch this video, it could be useful one day:

Please drop us a comment if you're up for this trip, or send us an email to

For the Saturday expedition, there is some uncertainty with the ice situation, so we cannot guarantee that we can make it to the second island and the sauna. In other words, we might have to give up somewhere on the way and go back by bus from a location in Espoo. Be ready also to have a night without sauna on Saturday if something goes unplanned. In addition, be prepared for at least 25 km of skiing, with -15 °C and some wind. Fortunately, it should not be head wind from the forecast.

Some of us will use a modified pulka for kids to carry the equipment. A recommended suggestion for the Saturday trip. Just buy a pulka, a rope, make somes hole in the pulka to tight up your equipment with the rope. Finally use the rope to pull it from a belt.
See you on Friday, wax your skis and pack lots of down equipment!


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