Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hang-over (that's a climbing term)

Our fearless sub-24ers braved the drizzle to climb, sauna and relax after a hard year's riding and camping.

This typing is proving physically difficult and my wit is well and truly spent, so suffice to say: Andy and Tapanila Climbing Centre come highly recommended!

By common consent, the ride in December will take place on Friday 14th. Initial murmurings suggest a return to Väransby, although perhaps we should rather visit the forest before the ski tracks are made? Comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed.

If you failed to receive your very own sub-24 pikkujoulu special gift, pick it up on the ride next time.

Winter tyres at the ready...



  1. Damn, I didn't keep a look out for some time on the upcoming events and missed out on climbing.
    It looks great - I feel it would be fantastic to climb few meters high on the first time.
    I'm also unable to participate on December 14th as we are moving on 15th, and gotta pack and clean. If anyone would be up for some adventures in January, February I'm in.
    I'm riding with winter tires for a month now, since first frost, wearing the tires and myself out - finally the snow came ;)

  2. Yeah finally snow's here now to put these winter tires into good use!
    Climbing was fun indeed!
    There will definitely be some adventure in January and February whether it is on bike, foot, ski, snowshoe, skate... stay tuned!