Wednesday, October 31, 2012


HUOM: Friday November 2nd ride information below

In the manner of the Finns that we know and love, sub-24 Helsinki will be holding a traditional pikkujoulu Christmas party...

Along with the drinking and the relaxing of inhibitions promoted by our neighbours at this time of year, sub-24 will offer an adventurous twist. Last year our cycling went underwater. This year, our hearts and muscles will strain upwards!

Andy, one of our sub-24 virgins last month, happens to be both a qualified climbing instructor as well as a sports centre guru based in Tapanila. He has offered to open up his wall for us and provide the space and advice necessary to make us all climb as high as our constitutions allow. No experience is necessary but a freer hand will be given to the experienced.

Once we're well and truly knackered, we can hopefully head to sauna and then on to a restaurant for stretching and meditation.

The rough cost will be 20e per person.

On the right-hand side, you can vote for when is a good night for you. Hopefully this is enough notice and we will find a weekend free that suits most of us. Please vote for every weekend that you are free and as soon as the vote closes, Andy will confirm the date for us...


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  2. Except 22nd any weekend is fine for me.


  3. I will be back in Hki around 19-20th November, so anything afterwards is perfect!
    Cant wait to be there :)