Saturday, May 26, 2012

Charles and Zuzanna's farewell

Warning! Soft of heart keep away!

The June edition of Sub24 may get a tad emotional as co-founder Charles (yours truly) and Zuzanna are moving to France at the end of the month, making this their last Sub24 (at least for a while)! So champagne will definitely be my luxury item (if that doesn't convince you to join us)!

As a one-off occasion (to make sure Zuzanna can attend), we'll be breaking away from our "first Friday of the month" rule and instead we'll be going on the first Saturday of the month, which is June 2nd. Last year, the June edition was among our best ever, owing to the weather and amount of light. 

So, here goes for the details this time around:

  • Meet at Bemböle Shell station at 16:30.
  • We'll head to Kaitalampi/ Halkolampi via Velskolantie, since it's such a beautiful ride.
  • Those who want to join without a bike have an easy job of it as it's easily served by bus 345 from Rautatientori. The stop name is "Kaitalampi".
Any questions, feel free to use the comments section .In the meantime, I'll try not to cry!

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