Monday, February 27, 2012

Sub-24, March and April

SNOWSHOEING: SUNDAY 4TH MARCH, OITTA, 11:20 AM (that's when the bus arrives).
Cyclists can meet at the Shell in Bemböle at 10:45. If you have any doubts, have a look at this. Further infortmation is below. I'll bring stuff for coffee, Florian will bring the stove?! See you there...

I've been meaning to put my ideas here for ages and now I noticed next weekend is sub-24 weekend, so...

Rather than a repeat of last month's minus-degrees-sleeping-bag adventure, something different: get up, have breakfast, bike to Oittaa (also bus 86 runs from Espoon keskus station), hire some snowshoes, walk off into the forest for a while, get the stoves out, make some coffee/tea/porridge/noodles/etc., walk back, return the snowshoes, back on the bikes, home for dinner. Keep moving - keep warm. Whoever is interested is invited. Sub-24 Saturday is this coming Saturday, 3rd March, but also Sunday is fine with me - or suggest a different date in March for negotiation in the comments below.

April 6th is Good Friday, so perhaps not the best weekend for sub-24. How about Friday 30th March for a trip to Rastila? I mentioned it in a post earlier - a city ride (on asphalt even?) followed by a night in a cottage, sauna, swimming (although I might have been misled about the bar). Saturday 31st is also possible if someone prefers. Prices for cottages are here. I'll book as soon as anyone tells me thay want to come. Assuming they have free cabin. Remember, the fast eat the slow.

The picture is from Nuuksio on April 9th last year. Roll on the summer... says Lee.


  1. Would like to try snowshoes, but this week-end only Sunday would do for me. No need to change your plans in case I am the only one who can't join on Saturday.

    Friday 30th of March or Saturday 31st I will join for the ride to Rastila cabin IF the snow has melt (bike and biker not equipped for snowy/icy paths). Let's be optimistic...

  2. MArch 30th / 31st I'll be out of Helsinki region. I'll keep you posted about my plans for this coming weekend.

  3. So, it appears now that I'll be busy this Saturday, but Sunday is free. My GF would be quite likely joining. Should we plan this for Sunday?

  4. If you do this on Sunday please let me know about what time you would be in Oittaa, I will join you there by bus.

  5. Yup sorry I'll pass on this WE. I'm tempted by snow-shoeing but 20e a day's a bit steep...

    About the Rastila, it's also not perfect date for Zuzanna and I, given that we'll only just have returned from France. Anyone around Easter WE?

  6. Lee, you can count on me for the stove.
    Charles, no plans on my side for Easter weekend yet.

  7. Forgot to say, I'm coming by train + bus with my girlfriend Elsa. See you in Oitta guys!

  8. Unfortunately I can't make it tomorrow. Have fun.

    Charles, around easter week-end is okay for me.