Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Christmas came early

IMPORTANT: nothing interesting is happening this Saturday 22nd October as previously promised. Unless, that is, you yourself have an interesting life outside sub-24.

There will be NO pikkujoulu party this Saturday.

However, we will be having a private hyrdrospinning lesson in English at 14:30 on Saturday 12th Novermber at Mäkelänrinne swimming hall. 50m pool, nice saunas... and bars close by, it should be a good evening.

14:30 is a touch early, but maybe a swim after, some relaxing in the steam room and saunas (and the 8 degree cold pool), there's a nice cafe overlooking the pool which some say serves the best munkki in Helsinki. Then what? The velodrome is just around the corner, I'll call them and see if we can get a tour. The city is a short tram ride away. Some games of pool, a spot of dinner, cocktails and then... the walk of shame to the taxi queue.

See you on the 12th, if not before.

(this is for X)

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