Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas is nearly here...

Well, it seems like we've got a pikkujoulu party this weekend. Or maybe not. I'm waiting to hear about hydrospinning - which we are all keen to try, right? But if we can't get that booked before Christmas, then we'd better do something nice this Saturday. Is anyone coming? Ideas, please.

The next sub-24 should be on Friday 4th November. We're not on winter holiday yet. Tents, lean-to, cabin? We were talking about Rastila at some point? Or adventure...


  1. Great adventure link you posted there! Too early for that kind of trip though. IMO Rastila should be reserved for February/March so that we could have avanto there whe the sea is frozen.
    I'm ok for sleeping in a tent still, but a lean-to or a free cabin like the one we were in September are good options as well, especially if the weather gets really bad in the night.

  2. and for hydrospinning we might want to check if there are classes already organised we could join (instead of booking a course just for us). It'll be much cheaper then.