Monday, July 10, 2017

Sub24 on kayak!

July edition.

For this special edition, sub24 headed to the archipelago of Helsinki on kayak. Departure from the remote harbour of Laajalahti, between the bird protected area and the Gallén-Kallela museum, which are worth a visit by the way. It took a bit of time to get the equipment sorted out under constant assault from flying blood sucking monsters, but we managed to launch the kayak and start paddling. A light breeze prevented us from suffering from heat and we happily progressed on the water. The group included a broad range of kayaking skills but nobody had major trouble with their kayak. We passed by Madeluoto, in front of Otaranta, under the bridge to Otaniemi and took a break on Keilalahti to enjoy some sweets and rest our arms. We resume the trip, passed the gorgeous Koivusaari metro station, went to the south side of Lautasaari and arrived finally to the welcoming sand beach of Käärmeluoto after seven kilometers of paddling.

We explored this beautiful island and set camp at the top. The island is made of a pretty high rock, which offers splendid views on the archipelago and on Lautassari. To the east, some islets offer breeding ground to ever screeching birds to remind us that we sit at a major hub for bird migration. Despite the noise and their well-established aggressivity, I esteem these long-distance travellers, that have seen quite a bit of sea and storms in their life. Anyway, at this time of the year, they are busy shouting at each other non-stop for a month and a half.

A very important time at each sub24 started: the cooking of the evening meal. Chips, cake and red wine were offered around and soon pasta, risotto, new potatoes and herring and other delicacies were ready. By the time we were finished, the clouds were mostly gone to unveil a spectacular sunset, which kept us busy until midnight. Birds had find louder than themselves and some loud karaoke was going on at the mökki of the Police.

The following morning was bright and windless. We slowly enjoyed our breakfast and headed to the kayak, just to see a very frightened rantakäärme, a harmless black snake. The weather was so warm that a few of us decided to play with kayak with some kayak capsizing, self re-entry, mostly failed eskimo rolls and balance exercise. The water was chilly and it took me a few hours to be completely warmed up after that. We headed back with a slightly longer route to the harbour and we arrive tired and hungry as usual. Thanks to everybody for joining! Olivier

P.S.: Thanks to Tuisku Pirttimäki for the pictures.







Monday, July 3, 2017

sub24 July we go paddling

Special edition. We go paddling.

*All the kayak are booked*. You can join only if you have your own kayak.*

This Friday 7th at 17h30 at Laajalahdensatama. From there we rent kayak (20 e) and paddle to Käärmeluoto.

Since the number of kayak is limited, send an email  to register in advance, binding of course. First come first served.

The kayak trip is at your own risk.

Exact location of the meeting point:

Photo: Helsinki City Museum