Monday, July 27, 2015

Friday 31st July 2015 - Iso Holmas

Two-and-a-half Brits, two-and-a-half Frenchies and one German took the road from Bemböle towards Nuuksio on the last Friday of July. A day of rain dried up for our ride and the scenery along Heinästie was as good as ever. 

The ride became more challenging as we neared Mustalampi - see the picture evidence! - and we pushed our bikes over paths of roots and rocks for as long as we could manage before leaving them to fend for themselves and continuing bikeless on foot. 

Our final destination turned out to be Iso Holmas, and we settled around an open fireplace for food and discussion. There was plenty to talk about as one regular sub-24er is about to embark on the wildest adventure yet - to a mock up of Mars for a year! Good luck, C! 

Lake-side accommodation made up for a chilly night and the following day turned out warm and sunny as we climbed back over the gnarly trails to Mustalampi and the same enjoyable ride back to Bemböle.

Next Friday is the Hanko Hop. Have a look at the tab above and come along - it's only a bike ride.

Next sub-24 is August 28th. The sun might be shining!