Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sub-24 February

On the last day of February, three Brits took on the mild Finnish winter on a ride from Bemböle to Halkolampi. It felt like the start of the sub-24 cycling season as we were able to ride during daylight (mostly) and along some of our favourite summer roads. Seeing a different season around Bodom lake and Velskolantie was good for the soul.

Beer can kettle

Turning off the road and into the forest, we noticed that not all the snow and ice had melted after all. And that winter tyres were still worthwhile.

We managed to light a fire in the cooking shelter and stayed there until warm sleeping bags called us in for the night.

The morning was crisp and bright. Cold fingers packing, hot coffee and the glimmer of the sun behind the clouds made for an enjoyable couple of hours before the ride home.

I wonder will we be on skis next month?