Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sub24 March edition - Kattilajärvi under the sun.

Four bikers met in Bemböle 28th March by a very sunny Friday. We headed to Kattilajärvi that we found without too much detours. It is quite a funny place, very uphill in a sort of creepy neighbourhood. Despite the strong sun, the air was very cold there and the lake still hard frozen. We found the construction site of the camping ground-to-be and we decide to be very early visitors. A nice fireplace was assembled and few seats arranged with big logs and we could start a task that would take a lot of energy for the following hour: starting the fire and keeping it alive. The wood was humid and nothing could help: if not ventilated, it was dying in no time. We put there fire starter, candle wax, sinol, nothing helped despite the nice fireballs(-that-you-should-never-try-yourself). The solution came from the very dry wood from some pellets that were abandoned on the site. After that, we had a roaring fire to keep our front side warm.

During the evening, a sub24-er came for short while, distributing sausages and many beers (big thanks!). The Beast managed to join us quite late since he had a work thing in the evening. How motivated one can be! A work week, followed by some socializing and food in the evening at work, 50 km of commuting, jumping on the bike and bike 30 km in pitch darkness not to miss the sub24!

We woke up by the smell of grilled bacon and had a merry breakfast. Bikers started to head home more or less early. The way back was again extremely sunny. I have to say it felt incredibly good to have a day of warm sun. Memory of the winter were still around and I noticed that the ice of Pitkäjärvi was making a symphony of cracking sounds. That was for the lyric minute of the ride. Looking forward April edition! Olivier