Hanko Hop

Inspired by the Dunwich Dynamo, Sub24 embarks for the second edition of the Hanko Hop!

The plan is to leave Helsinki on on a nice summer evening, cycle through one of the brightest nights of the year, and arrive in Hanko in the morning for a rewarding swim in Finland's southernmost spot.

The route follows pretty much the scenic King's Road (Kuninkaantie) down from Helsinki. Prepare yourself for a 150-200 km ride. Of course, in the Sub24 and Dunwich Dynamo spirit, it'll be a relaxed and informal ride.

Here's the "official" tourist bike route from Helsinki to Hanko on Google Maps

Like the page on facebook, or shout us a message on the blog/email if you'd like to join!

The 2015 edition was a success with 165 km ridden from Helsinki to Hanko.


  1. Third edition? I thought last year we did it for the first time. Which means it's the second edition, not the third. Or did I miss something?

  2. There have been a few Helsinki-Hanko rides done in the last 2-3 years and I qualified one of them as the first Hanko Hop... It was not advertized much back then so maybe this would only be the second "official" Hanko Hop.

    1. I'd say this is the second "official" Hanko Hop, with the first in summer 2014.

      In autumn 2013, we made a recce ride and also rode down for Hanko film festival, but they were daytime rides so clearly don't count :)

      By the way, that map link no longer works, so try this one:


  3. I'll most likely be there!
    Do you guys buy specific train tickets in advance or just grab them on site?


  4. No plans to buy train tickets in advance, there's a ticket machine at Hanko station. Or you might feel like riding back...

  5. Hey, have been thinking of joining tonight, a bit conserned how fast you are riding.. I have a racing bike from the 80´s, hopefully me and the bike can make it to the end :). See you in Kauklahti station!

  6. You won't be the only one on an 80s bike! And last year we had a mountain bike, a single speed and a Brompton...