Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sub 24 is good for you...

...most of the time!

Unfortunately yesterday things didn't quite go to plan. It all started beautifully. The autumn sunshine and colours were stunning and the road to Porkkala is a perfect cycling road!


We then arrived on the Porkkala dirt track and were nearly at the camping spot when Zuzanna fell awkwardly. I started to think all may not be good when she wouldn't answer my "are you ok?" questions. When I got next to her she pointed to her left arm. It was twisted the wrong way. Ouch.

The good thing was there were three of us to handle the situation and we handled it well. Lee called the ambulance, while Dima and I stayed with her. Everyone stayed in control and she was doing remarkably well given the situation. She responded to jokes and seemed calm. It was pretty cold by then though and the wait for the ambulance seemed to take an age. In actual fact it was barely more than 20 mins, great stuff considering where we were. 

They performed emergency care, before embarking her and I into an ambulance to the hospital all the way in Helsinki. The fact that her main concern was that she needed to pee shows she could have felt worse! Eventually we got to the hospital and the scan revealed a nasty double fracture of the forearm. She wasn't surprised. I was!

They consolidated the arm in a safe position into a cast and will operate her on Tuesday. So we got to go home for the night, via the 24-hour pharmacy to pick up some real strong meds!

Overall she really feels fortunate that things weren't worse. The rest of her body's fine, the nerves and veins in her arm are unharmed, no internal bleeding, and she has very supportive friends all around her. She kept saying how nice the ride was up to that point and how she wants to come back there as soon as she's better!

Thank you to Dima, Lee and Xavier who took good care of our stuff once we were gone and got it back to us so soon the next day! I hope you managed to enjoy yourselves despite the circumstances.

Speedy recovery Suzie!

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  1. Hope she recovers fast!

    We had a nice camping with Lee in the end. Seen milky way, 4 sattelites, 3 falling stars. Very nice view in the morning, the whole place looked totally different in the morning sunlight.
    Such a pity everything turned out that way, but that means that we also have to go there once more, and im definitely for it).