Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So, I had to put my bike lights on at 5 pm yesterday. That has some bearing on the trip this Friday- which I know everyone is keen to attend. Obviously, going along lit cycle paths is not such a challenge, but riding in the forest and putting up tents in the dark is not everyone's idea of fun, especially if the weather gods add some cold and wet to proceedings.

I, however, am still keen to go. First Friday of the month - sub-24!

To cut down on uncertainties, maybe we should go into Pirttimäki again and aim for the camping sites where we have been before. The  grilling cabin would be good if it's cold, but there are other options close-by if that place is already occupied. There's some nice new signposts in Pirttimäki, so we shouldn't be able to get lost. Even in the dark...

5:30 at Bemböle then, okay?

Usual equipment should be enough and I'll bring a trangia in case we need it. Just don't forget your bike lights, torches and headlamps.

Finally, apologies for the short notice of the post, I've been in bed for a week with flu. Which means I need lots of fresh air and exercise this weekend...


  1. i've been fighting a flu and am stuck at home today with fever, so I'll have to skip on this sub24 :s
    Have fun though!

  2. I'll be there, though I can't make it for 4 pm in Bemböle. 5.30-45 pm is the earliest I can do. Should we meet a bit later? Since I'm coming from Haaga, I can also be in Leppävaara around 5.15-25...

  3. Hey guys, good spirit with the NightRide! Just one question - where exactly in Bembole do you wanna meet, at 17:30?

  4. Hubert: The Shell station: http://g.co/maps/t86bu

  5. Thanks for the directions, I'll be there. Florian, what is the preferred meeting time in the end that we shall stick to?

  6. Hey all, as said 5.30 is the earliest I can do, but I will most likely be there around 5.40. Hope it's still fine for you guys.

  7. Being a newbie, I can't say much, 5:40 is fine for me too!