Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween special

Pitch black forests, spooky mist, an eerie moon. Three hardcore sub24ers enjoyed a different experience this Friday in the chilly darkness of Pirttimäki.

Bike lights and headlamps were enough to see us through the unlit kilometres to an old favourite camping place - now marked with its Finnish name, Sulalampi. The grilling cottage here should provide a bit more warmth than the wall-less open grills found elsewhere.

We were lucky it wasn't that cold because the damp wood was even more unwilling to burn than usual - we got more exercise blowing than riding. So to say. Just enough heat to warm some sausages was all we could manage. (Ouch.)

Outside it was dark and misty, inside is was dark and smoky. But the only truly weird thing was the arrival of hundreds of mosquitoes, which actually disappeared as eerily as they arrived. 

Sleepy riders went into warm sleeping bags to get ready for the new day. Apart from being disturbed by mice eating Lee's chocolate and pooing in Lee's helmet, the cabin proved good enough to sleep in for Hubert.
If it weren't for the damp wood, this cottage could see some serious sub24 action this winter. Willing riders will have to come up with a better plan for December.

For now, we're looking forward to seeing everyone for Hydrospinning...

p.s. Can you explain the river? And the toxic sewage?!


  1. Interesting story... Sounds familiar to me :)
    The river that Florian is passing so bravely was somewhere in the very heart of the Keskuspuisto, being the final touch to a generally speaking very rough path through the forest. And the green stuff in the ditch - looks creepy, right! Actually, it's a neutral chemical that's routinely pumped into city district heating pipes, to check for potential leakages before winter comes :) I've never seen it before, but heh, there it is - in the heart of Finland, the cleanest place on Earth!

  2. Well, seems that Hubert summarized our trip back really well :). BTW Lee, did you check the picture where trees were blocking the forest path? I guess our bikes were not made for these single tracks, but it was a lot of fun anyway! Thanks guys for the great night out, see you at hydrospinning!