Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer's here... before the rain
The big summer sub-24 saw eight riders make the journey to Haukkalampi in Nuuksio. Beautiful weather, the wind on our backs and warm lake water made the trip memorable.

Never before on a sub-24 have we seen so many varieties of fruit and vegetables, healthy food vastly outweighing the usual sausages and chocolate. Also, rarely have we seen such strange sights in Nuuksio - life-vest adorned Chinese people lure-fishing in tiny inflatable boats? People dressed in baby costume party clothes running around while being filmed? Second world war bombers flying over? All sad but true.

Four and a half Frenchies rode the 18km from Bemböle along with one Finn, two Brits and half an American... X's videos can be seen here.

Some experiments turned out better than others - Florian's night without a tent worked much better than his home-made methanol stove. For my part, I would not recommend leaving your sleeping bag at home, even in summer. And Robin's rack repair again reminded us of the supremacy of zip-ties in all things. By the way, at the risk of appearing fetishistic, I have to say Robin's old Raleigh is very nice:

The wind that supported us from behind on the way to Nuuksio was inexplicably blowing right down our throats on the way home and I would say that we all noticed at some point that sub-24 is about exercise as well as food, drink, nature and company. Having said that, my bike computer says 15 km/hour for the whole ride...

Other comments: The Hanko Dynamo is schedules for Friday 27th July. Any takers? The "triathlon" (I've decided to put it in inverted commas) will probably be on the occasion of the September sub-24. We will have a normal sub-24 ride to a camping spot but those interested in swimming and running will drop off their running shoes at one end of a lake, ride to the other end and dump the bike, swim across the lake, put on running shoes and run around in the forest for a while before returning to the camping spot for refueling and congratulations. Possible distances are 15km ride, 500m swim, 5km run - almost Sprint Tri-length! - and it looks like Halkolampi in Luukki is a good option (even though sub-24 has visited there twice this year already...).

As ever, please comment freely on all of the above...


See you next month!
p.s. Charles, we miss you...


  1. I've got to say that so far I have not been missing Finland...

    And then I read this.

  2. I want again to say a big fat THANKS to everybody for this nice sub24, especially to those who supported me in the hilly road. The warm lake was really the cherry on the cake !

  3. Yup, thanks to everybody and see you in August if the weather is fine ;-)

  4. that's the spirit Scrobélix! Brannon would like to join as well, with possibly 2 of his friends from US. My sister and one of her friend might be there too. Olivier seems to be in as well, are we heading to a record number of participants?

    Too bad I will be somewhere in Russia for the Grand triathlon edition of September...

  5. Unfortunately, can't make it to Hanko on the 27th as I'll be at a wedding in Porvo. See you all for the August sub24 though (and the September 'triathlon' is a great idea).

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  7. Too bad Robin! That would probably leave only Lee and me, unless another crazy soul wants to join the party...