Sunday, July 1, 2012

Better late than never

Apologies for posting so late about this, I'm sure you're all on the edge of your saddles.

Although holidays will be getting in the way for some of us, this coming Friday is sub-24 Friday! This time last year, I had a lonely trip to Kaitalampi, but I'm hoping for some company this July.

One suggestion made last month was to write in more detail about the length of our rides, so here goes...

Possible destinations for this Friday's trip (approximate distances from Bemböle):

Pirttimäki - 10 kms / 1/2 hour
Luukki - 15 kms / 1 hour
Nuuksio - 17 kms / 1 1/2 hours
Porkkala - 40 kms / 4 hours (or 25 kms / 2 hours from Kirkkonummi railway station)

Use this journey planner to check the destinations.

I have been very generous with the timings, but I think it's quite accurate. Perhaps we are not riding at that pace all the time but with frequent stops and enjoyable rolling, we seem to be averaging 15 kms / hour. Or so. Maybe someone wants to comment?

I'll throw out another couple of ideas, while I'm at it. We have been talking about doing a night ride - enjoying the midnight sun and twilight. Actually it has already taken on a life of it's own and become The Hanko Dynamo (based loosly on The Dunwich Dynamo). Too far? Any other ideas? It supposed to be transcendental...

There has been an unusually great interest in swimming in the freezing Finnish lakes over the years. We all enjoy cycling. Some of us like running. Sub-24 triathlon, perhaps?

I'm fishing hard for comments...

Suffice to say, Friday 6th July, Bemböle Shell, shall we say 16:30?

See you then!

HUOM!: Friday 6th July, Bemböle Shell, 17:30,  destination Nuuksio, 15 - 20kms, Frenchies encouraged...


  1. If the weather is fine (no rain) I will come on Friday. For the venue, I would favor Pirttimäki or Luukki, Nuuksio could do too. Porkkala may be too far away for a rookie wookie like me.

  2. I would vote for Porkkala, but I'll have other opportunities... 25 km from Kirkkonummi is not that hard, even for rookies like you Scrobelix ;) I'm in whatever the weather anyway. And for the mighty Hanko Dynamo, Friday 13th seems to be the perfect date for it!

  3. Well Florian, you know your limits and I know mine ;-)

  4. I'm in too, depending on the weather ^^
    As Scrobélix, I would favor a short ride to be able to finish it without crawling on the road :D (and 15 km/h is actually my best speed, it usually takes me 45 min to do 10 km... ><)

  5. I'm afraid 16.30 will be too short for me, coming from Hyvinkää. Let's see what I can do, but it looks like 17.30 is a better option for me.

  6. Nobody else joining ? Lee can you handle 3 Frenchies, how's your French ? ;-)

    NB : Any time is fine for me, this week I can adapt.

    1. What so now I'm gone you're actually gonna make it happen? ;-)

    2. Told you, you left too early ;-)

  7. I'm joining if it's still possible !
    no preference about the location, but 17h30 would be much better for me...

  8. I guess my last post is lost in the internet somewhere. Anyway, the gist of it was that I'm definitely in for tomorrow. I'd vote for Porkkala, but anywhere will do in the end.


    The Hanko dynamo idea is one hell of a great one!