Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday August 3, 17:30... to Bylandet

It is with great sadness that I must admit the Hanko Dynamo did not take place last Friday. We almost went, really. Only, it  seemed a bit silly, just the two of us. We're really hoping to do the ride sometime though, surely a couple more of you would be interested? 140 km at night...

This coming Friday will be an enormous turn-out, I'm sure of it. The Beast has suggested Bylandet and it sounds good to me - it will be a new discovery for sub-24. At the usual speed that is less than a two hour ride. Unless someone comments otherwise, let's meet at Bemböle Shell around 17:30.

If you don't know what sub-24 is, click some links to find out.  Or just put a tent in your bag, get on your bicycle and meet us on Friday.

Better than watching the Olympics, right?


  1. Looking forward to this Friday; Bylandet looks like a great spot.

    I'm down for the Hanko trip if you're still planning on doing it this summer. Pretty much any weekend suits me to be honest.

    See you all on Friday!

  2. If the weather is good I will come.

    I would meet you near Masala train station (though I come by bike all the way), on Masalantie where you should be coming from. Hope it's okay for you to have a short stop there. I'll be at said point around 18:00.

  3. Alright, we'll drop by there, it's on the way from Bemböle anyway. I'm also planning to join you somewhere at some train station, as I will be coming with my sister and a friend of hers, which might be a long way for them coming from Haaga. Maybe 18.00 in Masala is a good option for us too. I'll let you know.

  4. I'll meet you at Masala around 6pm too.


  5. I'm sorry but I cannot join tomorrow :(

  6. Ok, we'll join you in Masala also. We have a train arriving at there at 6.11 pm. See you in a few hours!