Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rastila - Easter Friday

Welcome to the April edition of Sub24. We are going to rent a cabin in Rastila this time so if you are interested in coming please tell us QUICK because we're going to book it on Monday! The price for the accommodation (and sauna) will be around €30 per person. 

Some of us will cycle there and others will take the metro. It's worth noting that the cycling takes us past most metro stations on the way so if you're not sure whether you can handle the ride, it will be easy to cop out any time!

The cabins have have linen and towels included. I may bring my own towel for sauna though. There is also a kitchen but in the spirit of Sub24, it may be more fun to freeze outside huddled around a small grilling place! Our usual list of things to bring may not be that relevant to the luxury of a cabin but you could take a look anyway if it's your first sub24 with us.

Now here's where and when we're going to meet:
  • Cyclists: 16.00 outside the main entrance of Pasila station.

  • Others: 16.30 outside main entrance of Rautatientori.

I know some of you are coming much later, which is of course fine. See you guys in Rastila!

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  1. I'm in, but I don't have bike (or might have, as I will try to buy new one during the week).