Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sub 24, 2012 edition.

Happy new year, riders! I hope we'll all have a great year, fulfilling our cycling projects of all sorts!

Last Sub 24 saw Lee and me experiencing the first sub zero temperatures, the first ice layer on lakes and morning frost. Overall a very wet overnighter. But the Big White has finally come, the rain turned to snow... In other words, real winter is here, finally!

So far I haven't been able to go on an overnighter this January, and no official one has been organised. However, even in these quiet and rather dark times, I know a few of us (Hubert, Lee?) have a strong motivation to get the bikes out for the night.

To keep the tradition of sub 24 alive, we only have 2 weekends left in January to organise the ride/camp. The best option for me is this coming Friday (27th).

After two-digit minus temperatures, the weather forecast now indicates a couple of minus Celsius degrees, and snowfalls:

So if anybody want to join me for a ride on Friday, let's say 6.30 pm at Bemböle as usual. Considering the weather, I think we should head towards the Sulalampi cabin near Pirttimäki where we had already two Sub 24s last year. I don't know if we can cycle as far as there, we might have to push the bikes, depending on the snow layer...

If you're joining us for the first time, I recommend you to have look at this post. I don't bother to make a poll to know how many people are coming this time (quite short notice anyway), but if you're planning to come, you can leave a comment to this post. FYI, I'll bring a gas stove, though I hope we can set a fire there to keep ourselves warm.

So mount your studded tires, pack your down sleeping bag, fix your lights, bring lots of woollen clothes, and let's enjoy the outdoors in Nuuksio NP!

Edit: Sub 24 postponed to next Friday (27th). Same time, same place.



  1. Looking at the 15 foot of snow outside my kitchen window and asking myself if you guys are seriously still planning on camping this Friday? I must say, I'm up for it, if a little scared.

    A couple of questions, if I may:
    - After cycling to Vantaa this afternoon I know the some of the paths are close to impassable. Do you think it's going to be possible to cycle anywhere close to the destination before we hit the deep stuff?
    - Do you know for certain whether a fire will be possible?

  2. great to see you back on the blog Robin! The plan is to go to a cabin next to Pirttimäki where we were already last September and November (check the blog). It should be open all year round and there is no need to book it. There is a fireplace inside and wood logs are available. From our meeting point in Bemböle' shell station to there is around 10 km, with the last 3 km on tracks. The latter might be maintained for skiing, in this case we can cycle it probably, otherwise we can just push. I'll bring a gaz stove and lots of clothes. Make sure especially that you have enough gloves. You can drop a PM with your phone if you're afraid not to find us, I'll give you mine in return. See you on Friday hopefully!

  3. Sounds great, I'm in!

    Two more questions though:
    -If we are going to a cabin do we need to bring tents? I've got a tent, but it's rather heavy and I don't want to carry the weight unnecessarily.
    -If you're bringing a gas stove, what about cooking stuff like saucepans? Again, I've got a trangia but don't want to carry the weight if it's unnecessary (my Helkama bike is not the lightest known to man!)

    I'm not sure how to send a PM, but I agree it would be nice to exchange phone numbers.

  4. Send an email to sub24helsinki@gmail.com and I'll send you a phone number. I think we'll have enough cookers, pots, pans and tents, so don't worry. Bring extra clothes instead...

  5. Haha, new person joining us! Welcome on board and see you all in a few hours time!