Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Helsinki in December

I was planning to write a post about how miserable the weather is and how I only managed 6 km in half an hour riding on the muddy forest trails (I include the picture of my poor dirty bike anyway), but then this morning in the space of ten minutes, Espoo turned white. My ride to the gym on newly-fitted winter tyres this evening was exciting, not only because it confirmed that it is possible to travel safely at speed on snow and ice on a bicycle. Which means, at least theoretically, that I will be riding all winter for the sheer joy of it.

I am, however, unexpectedly acting as best man at a wedding in London on the next sub-24 weekend - that's loppiainen, Friday 6th January. It's a day off work, so perhaps an early start during daylight? Florian assured me that he will be riding so all that he needs is a friend to enjoy it with. See the comments below and Facebook for the details.

Merry Christmas, I looking forward to sub-24ing in 2012!


  1. At last some snow in Helsinki! I had a pleasant run on the snow covered tracks in keskuspuisto today, but not so much of cycling since last weekend (4 punctures in 10 days, I guess it's a call for new tires). Anyway, I'll let you guys know about the possibly first Sub 24 of the season on Friday 6th a couple of days before. Feel free for any suggestion on routes, camps. Happy new year to you, riders!

  2. Happy new year, night riders!
    I have just come back from Poland with an overweight luggage, but for a reason - I finally took my tent and winter sleeping bag with me, and that's for a reason too - Friday the 6th of course! So - no more silver-gold half-measures for surviving the night.

    Today I changed my punctured tire too, maybe it's the bad karma these days, Florian?

    Anyway, I am up for the ride this weekend, hopefully there will be some snow again.

  3. Hey Hubert, seems you're pretty committed to winter overnighter :) Unfortunately I will be in Järvenpää the whole day on Friday, so this Friday is not possible for me. As it seems we were the only ones available this time, maybe we could postpon it to the following Friday if you're ok with it?

  4. Hey guys, I started doing some biking last weekend in the snow, and it's good. Flat tyres didn't stop me, neither did frost. Anybody up for a Friday ride?

    If the weather doesn't change, I'd say we shouldn't go too far - Nuuksio would be stretching it a bit, at least I have to stop every 20 - 30 minutes to walk for a minute to warm my toes up.. -6 degrees (maybe it's more in the evenings when I was biking) is quite cold. But somewhere north from Bembole could be good - no more than 2-3 warming stops on the way:)

  5. I went also for a ride on Monday, and it was good, though still on flat tires also. I switched to studded tires this evening, I'll see tomorrow if I have a better grip. However, I got sick over last weekend and I think it would be too risky to spend the night out this week, even though I start to feel better. So no Sub 24 this Friday for me, let's see about next one (and soon it's February!).

    Hubert, have you tried woollen socks to keep your feet dry? Works well for me (soon also turning to rubber boots for the ultimate weather protection!)

  6. Hehe, I've got to do something about the socks indeed, maybe woolen - shoes are my problem, I don't have winter SPD's, that's why.

    So your continuous tyre problem isn't properly solved yet?

    Anyway, I hope your health improves! And as today the weather started sucking again, maybe there will be no snow left for the weekend to enjoy :/.

    Still, if it's snowy, and anybody wants to join me - the option is open!

  7. Just come across your blog and I must say I'm very impressed by the sub24 camping idea; winter camping's great. Are you open for newcomers? Actually I also just fitted (my first ever) winter tyres to my bike last week and so far they seem to be well up to the job.

  8. Hubert: tire problem solved :)
    Robin, you're welcome! If you want to join me (and possibly other riders as well), check the new post!. Feel free to ask whatever question cross your mind.