Sunday, July 3, 2011

There will always be a sub-24

After hanging around at Bemböle petrol station (sorry for not waiting, I'm sure there were many of you planning to come but just running late), I decided to try a new camp site in Luukkaa. As there was no one to argue with, I started riding north past Oittaa, past Pirttimäki and then along the nicest biking road in the capital region, Velskolantie, which runs from Kunnarla to Vihdintie. I was greeted by many lycra lads, all astounded by the load my little old bike was carrying.
Velskolantie, 6pm, the time a thunder storm was due

Oh, there's the storm cloud. Looks innocent enough.

There was some climbing. But not much.

Kaitalampi. Washed the sweat off rather nicely.

I managed to squeeze in my 4-person tent (4.5kg!) next to the lake.

Art. The inevitable result of boredom.

I was absolutely happy to ride and camp alone (Charles just spent two weeks doing the same thing). But I do hope that this sub-24 idea catches on a bit and I'll get some company on the next ride. I enjoyed the exercise, the sense of getting away, the nature. But I think the point of sub-24 is probably social more than any other single factor.

So, Friday August 5th, rain or shine. The peace broken by the sound of multiple freewheels buzzing...

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