Monday, June 20, 2011

Company welcomed

In the spirit of sub-24... no excuses. Over-nighters the first Friday of every month, right?

Despite holidays and travel monopolising the lives of potential sub-24ers, Friday 1st July will see one lonely Englishman riding to Nuuksio. Bike? Check. Tent? Check. Integrity? Check. Friends? Nope.

Company is welcomed.

... I noticed from the poll on the right that someone else is planning to come (and what does 'maybe' mean?). I wonder who you are. Maybe we should syncronise our watches?

This is Lee.

p.s. As of 8 pm Thursday, I am still going. Not sure to where yet, but Bemböle at 5.30, I'll hang around there for a minute or two in case someone's coming. You'll recognise me, I'll have a bike with me. And no friends. Am I sounding desperate yet?

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